This is a category of posts on Sustainable Pantry highlighting ingredients, dishes and preparations of kitchen staples with therapeutic uses. Here you will find posts discussing herbs and spices with innate healing properties, dishes and meals that are used to nourish and bring the body back to health, posts exploring Chinese dietary therapy and other traditional healing diets, and more. I am so excited about this new venture, and I to continue adding to this archive little by little so that it becomes a resource for you all. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see here, please comment below.

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I was introduced to the concept of the healing diet in my early twenties, and dove right in learning all I could about macrobiotics, Chinese dietary therapy and food-as-medicine. I went to acupuncture school to refine my understanding of botanical medicine, and there I learned all about Chinese herbs, foods and the Chinese medicinal diet. I have continued to explore other culture’s medicinal diets by eating in the ethnic neighborhoods near where I live in Queens, New York City. Every culture has it’s own chicken soup, it’s own healing stew, it’s own teas, its own uses for herbs and spices. Everyone’s grandmother (or grandmother’s grandmother) relied on her kitchen to keep her family healthy, and that is wisdom that must be preserved. I hope to explore those recipes, share traditional healing foods, and bring some simple, health-promoting concepts out from behind your kitchen cabinets and onto your plates. Learn how you can sustain your health through your kitchen pantry.

Below are some Pantry Prescription posts from our archives.

Cuke+seaweed 10

Cool Down Cucumber Salad – to stay cool in summer, cool a fever

Garam Masala Nuts 2

Garam Masala Almonds – activate appetite, support digestion

miso mushroom soba 5

Mushroom Miso Soup – boost immunity, increase energy, support body

Beginning Ferment

Fermented Pickles. Old School – support digestion and intestinal health

Jook 3

Slow Cooker Congee: To Cook Jook – simple, tonifying rice porridge

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup: Easy throw-together healing soup

charoset 1

Superfruit Charoset: Updating a traditional Jewish dish with traditional Chinese medicine


Ghee Whiz

Kitchari 4 (1)

Kichari: Cleansing for Spring

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    Hi I purchased your Deep dark Brownie Baking mix and it only has the recipes (on back) for making muffins or pancakes. So I need to know what goes into making the brownies as stated on the front and that is why I bought it. Thanks

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