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Homemade Marshmallows, and What To Do With The Leftovers.

It all started last week when we were planning for a s’mores dessert at our friends’ Eldad and Sheila’s house. Marshmallows are one of those foods that most sane people buy premade – like that other pillowy white food, tofu, and I suppose, graham crackers. While I do bake often, I have never even thought […]
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Polenta with Summer Squash and Semi-Poached Egg

Inspired by a wonderful mid-summer dinner at ici in Ft. Green, Brooklyn, and the contents of this week’s CSA box, I decided to make a polenta/summer squash dish. Polenta is a quick-cooking and versatile pantry staple. Polenta works great as a base for fish or veggies, and in this case I topped it with a […]
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Stiff Dough Levain: Day 3

My little ball of flour and water seems to have ripened nicely. I’m picking up very tangy notes of fruitiness that weren’t there on day 1. Both yesterday and today there was some rising, probably a 50% increase, and I have seen, smelled, and tasted many of the signs that the book says are indicative […]
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