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Rye Berries for Breakfast

I’m a huge breakfast guy. I’m one of those people that has to have breakfast within an hour of waking up, every single day. On the rare occasion we go out for brunch, I go for traditional breakfast faves like eggs, French toast, pancakes, oatmeal, bagels with lox, I love all that. Alexa on the […]
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Invest a little time, make a lot of dough

Making bread and pizza at home is all about planning. Once you’ve got the timing right, it requires very little active work.  I hadn’t made bread at home in over a month since we had been out of town, and well ya know,  summer… but when I saw artisanal multigrain loaves in the store selling […]
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Sourdough from Scratch!

If you’ve been following Sustainable Pantry you know that I have been trying to create my own sourdough starter for months now.   Thanks to persistence, comments from readers, and a few great resources I finally did it! (see previous post to find out how).  Last night I put that starter to work, and the […]
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A Sourdough Starter: Success?

After two failed attempts at creating a sourdough starter from scratch, and a lot of helpful advice and comments from readers, I have created what appears to be a very healthy 12 day old starter. The method came from Mike at, by way of Jonathan and it was very simple (thanks guys!): Mix 1/4 […]
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No Knead Zone: Organic Whole Grain Bread

I tried Mark Bittman’s remake of the best bread recipe ever.  This new version uses all whole grain flour.  It’s not as good as the white flour original, but it’s real easy to make, very hearty, great for people with high cholesterol, and has plenty of fiber. No-Knead Whole Grain Bread 2 cups whole wheat […]
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