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Moroccan Carrot Cumin Salad

This is a synergistic salad, meaning the resulting dish is much greater than the sum of its parts. Not that the ingredients on their own aren’t fabulous – I love them all. But together, they meld into a salad that is just out of this world.  The first time I had this dish I fell […]
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Stuff it! (Another thing to do with zucchini)

With the plethora of delicious, fresh zucchini we have been getting from Golden Earthworm over the past few weeks, we’ve been coming up with some nifty ways to use ‘em. This is something I whipped up for lunch. (Yes, often lunch is our biggest meal of the day and–since we both work close to home–a […]
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Odds and Ends Salad

Salads don’t have to have greens; in fact, protein packed salads like this one can be quite filling and satisfying on their own. We have a delivery from our CSA coming this Tuesday (deliveries are once every 3 weeks during the Winter), and so our supply of fresh produce is sadly low, but I was […]
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4 Dishes for an Autumn Brunch

Inspiration comes easy when you get the kinds of vegetables that were in this week’s box from Golden Earthworm’s CSA.  We put together a beautiful and simple brunch to highlight the fresh flavors, (and unexpected colors) of this season’s root vegetables. Sliced Watermelon Radish Salad: This was my first time working with watermelon radishes, and […]
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