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Sweet Challah for a Sweet New Year!

I love Rosh Hashanah! It’s such a charged time of the year, when we reflect on the past year and reset and refocus on the year ahead. I also love the traditional foods we eat at the Rosh Hashanah table – apples, honey, pomegranates, dates…. Like most Jewish holidays, the food we serve has symbolic meaning. Traditionally, sweet […]
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Grilled Pizza

Well, it’s that time of year again–BBQ TIME! But what do you do if you’re vegetarian or vegan and you’re going to a barbecue or if you aren’t but you’re hosting a vegetarian or vegan at your barbecue? Grilled pizzas, of course! This is a really easy recipe that is definitely a crowd pleaser. You […]
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HOLLA! Sweet Potato Challah

Challah, the braided bread served on Shabbat and most holidays, is delicious, and typically made with many eggs.  We had vegan guests over for Shabbat last weekend, so eggs were out.   I had to learn how to make an eggless challah, and fast, so I turned to Joan Nathan, the Guru of Jewish cooking, […]
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Invest a little time, make a lot of dough

Making bread and pizza at home is all about planning. Once you’ve got the timing right, it requires very little active work.  I hadn’t made bread at home in over a month since we had been out of town, and well ya know,  summer… but when I saw artisanal multigrain loaves in the store selling […]
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Sourdough from Scratch!

If you’ve been following Sustainable Pantry you know that I have been trying to create my own sourdough starter for months now.   Thanks to persistence, comments from readers, and a few great resources I finally did it! (see previous post to find out how).  Last night I put that starter to work, and the […]
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