IMG_1897Let’s just say I have to get reallllly cozy with polenta, since I have 8.5 lbs of the stuff in my pantry! With the combo of a double CSA flour share (which gave me a net of 7 pounds), plus a stray Bob’s Red Mill 1.5 pound, I did some complex cross-multiplying to figure out how many portions of polenta I have on my hand. Well, the answer is: ONE-HUNDRED TWO portions of polenta in the near future. Needless to say, I’m taking polenta recipe recommendations, so if anyone has any favorites, send ’em my way.

Here is my grain inventory:

  • 6 pounds of polenta (coarsely ground; combo of Purcell Mountain Farms and Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 1 cup corn flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 2 pounds organic hulled buckwheat (Purcell)
  • ~3 cups of long grain organic white rice (Fairway bulk bin)
  • 1 pound organic amaranth (Purcell)
  • 2 pounds organic hulled barley grain (Purcell)
  • 2 cups organic white basmati rice (Fairway bulk bin)
  • 1/2 cup organic wild rice (Fairway bulk bin)
  • 1/2 cup organic pearled barley (Fairway bulk bin)
  • 1 pound organic black quinoa (Purcell)
  • 1 1/4 cup organic sweet rice (Purcell)
  • 1 pound organic sprouted rice (Purcell)
  • 1 pound organic oat groats
  • 2 pounds organic rolled oats (Bob’s)
  • 1 28oz can of steel cut oats (McCann’s)

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