IMG_2211It’s only fitting that I made polenta for the first (actually second, we had oatmeal for breakfast) meal of the month. I wanted to jump right in and start to tackle the enormous amount of polenta staring me down from the pantry, so I made this completely non-authentic soft polenta in only 10 minutes, by just whisking polenta into plenty of salted, boiling water. I had some spicy tomato sauce leftover from last week, as well as a wee bit of sauteed garlicky kale from yesterday, so on top they went, for a quick, tasty lunch.

The 1.5 cups of polenta I used meant there was a lot of leftovers, so I put some in a pyrex to firm up. Hoping to cut it into squares and pan fry for dinner. Stay tuned for polentapalooza!

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